Hi Pam,

I'm so glad he's not having too many side effects so far. Would it be worth using a fruit juice in the smoothies instead of dairy? Although it might be too acidic for his mouth.

My flap is also sewn into the flow of my mouth and into my cheek. I am able to move the back of it which is good, apparently I'm not supposed to be able to but the sliver of tongue I have left is quite strong. This movement is helping my speech and I'm hoping to be able to move food a little bit.

I was told I would need the tube for around 6 months. Its not the end of the world but it does encourage me to push on with my swallowing, even doing some dry swallowing helps.

You are doing so well. I expect you do have you days. I hope you get some respite too. You need to look after yourself too.

I can imagine you in an appointment with your questions, it's exactly as I am smile

I'm in hospital for an overnight stay as its my first chemo & immunotherapy dose. Tomorrow morning I start radiotherapy.

Wish me luck 🤞

F 39 x-smoker,non drink
05/20/19 T4aN1/N2bM0 SCC L lateral tongue &10mm into R
Pembro pre & post surgery
RIG 08/10/19
Glossectomy ND RFFR 08/13/19
RT x33
2x cispltin
No doing too bad smile