Hi Gloria,

Yes! I feel exactly what you're saying!

He doesn't read anything either and he really doesn't want me reading it to him. 🙄🥴 But sometimes I do, if it's something I think he really needs to hear. And he tells me to stop reading about it. And he's probably right I think I do put too much time into it and end up driving myself crazy I need to find a semi happy medium. If you can call it that. Nothing "happy" about this situation. smirk

Aww, frown. That's sad. I know it has to be so hard on their side and no, I don't feel like you're minimizing my effort at all. I totally get what you're saying.

I haven't bought a waterpik yet I did run across some posts suggesting it and so I looked at one, 1 day when I was out but I hadn't researched about it too much yet and didn't know exactly what kind to buy...

I will definitely look into that and the magic mouthwash. We don't have any of that either yet.

Thank you guys so much again. I will check back in soon.

Significant Other diagnosed in May: SCC Right Lateral Tongue , Right Floor of Mouth. Surgery July 30, 2019: Subtotal Glossectomy. Right Mandibulectomy, Extraction of All lower teeth. Removal of Right Lymph nodes; SCC in 4 of 23 Lymph Nodes, Reconstruction using tissue and bone from forearm and tissue from thigh.
Former smoker: 30 years and family h/o Cancer
Radiation began 9/6/19 and chemo 9/11/19.
Finished treatment in October 2019.
Awaiting CT Scan.