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4/2017- Stage III SqCC- Tongue
Posterior Margin +
Invasive moderately differentiated keratinizing SqCC
Tumor- 6.3 Centimeters
Invades tonsil & salivary glands
Negative for all HPV types
Subtotal Glossectomy, bilateral ND, Tracheo, Mandibullect, Free Flap reconstruction.
10/2017 Relapse, Recur to tongue, Mets to lip, All Pos. Margins.
12/2017 Recur BOT + Marg, re-xcisn Lip, + Marg
2/2018 - 7 wks IMRT
4/19 New Primary SqCC, Floor mouth & tongue flap . 1 mm Marg
New Dx Field Cancerization