Hi Christine,

I sent you a PM in reply to your post, hopefully it went through.

The stoma is closed now so that is out of the way. Yay. I really hated everything about the trach.

A couple more questions...

1. What is the best way to clean the PEG tube? Or do you have to replace parts often to keep it from getting clogged?

2. I may have forgotten to mention this in earlier posts but they removed all of his lower teeth during the surgery. As I said before, the doctors said their main concern would be his ability to swallow. He was allowed to begin drinking/trying to eat as of last week. He is drinking a lot. He says he doesn't have a problem with drinking and he also ate some yogurt and ice cream. He says that he thinks he would be able to swallow anything if he could chew it. I know Christine mentioned having a Barium swallow test performed. They didn't do it at the cancer center because he has the PEG I guess. I don't know. I think I am going to request they go ahead and do it. But I also wondered, is it important that he try to swallow as many different kinds of textures and things as he can, I just keep remembering hearing so much about "use it or lose it".

Is drinking enough to keep those muscles working or do I need to try to get as many different foods, types of foods, purees, etc. to make sure those muscles keep functioning?

I hope all that makes sense. And I know, I'm a huge over-thinker. wink

Oh, one more question. He has a huge scar on his forearm from the skin graft. Best cream or lotion to use to keep moist, prevent scarring, etc. I went with Aquaphor and Cetaphil (gentle soap) as I know it is Dermatologist recommended for things like laser treatments, etc. But this is a really deep wound so, any suggestions would be appreciated.



Significant Other diagnosed in May: SCC Right Lateral Tongue , Right Floor of Mouth. Surgery July 30, 2019: Subtotal Glossectomy. Right Mandibulectomy, Extraction of All lower teeth. Removal of Right Lymph nodes; SCC in 4 of 23 Lymph Nodes, Reconstruction using tissue and bone from forearm and tissue from thigh.
Former smoker: 30 years and family h/o Cancer
Radiation began 9/6/19 and chemo 9/11/19.
Finished treatment in October 2019.
Awaiting CT Scan.