I spoke to Travis, Christine's son, and it sounds like things went very well today. She had a long surgery (about 10 hours) and they are going to keep her under until Thursday.

Travis (OCF name-TravisB)is planning on posting details later today.

I told him I was going to post a quick note to let everyone know that everything is looking good. All the prayers and good wishes must be doing their thing!!

C/G: Husband, 48 (at time of dx)
Dx 5/18/07 SCC, BOT, lymph node involvement. T1N2BM0. (Stage 4a, G2/3)
Tx 6/18 - 8/3/07, IMRT x 33 Cisplatin x3 (stopped after 1st dose due to hearing issues). Weekly Erbitux started 6/27/07 completed 8/6/07.