Pam, the tongue scraper is used instead of the jets which can be too powerful on a sore mouth. Use the tongue scraper for cleaning out the ropey saliva, don’t scrape the tongue with it. Remember to use warm water in the tank and turn the machine on its lowest setting. He can try using the Nystatin one time and then not using it another time to see which works better for him. At this point, he is probably quite fatigued and he might not even want to get up from his chair. So, maybe keep the Waterpik in the bathroom he uses and when he goes to the washroom, he can also clean his mouth,

It’s good he’s still swallowing liquids. There’s probably not much else he would like to swallow now, what with taste changes and sores. My husband lost all interest in things at this point. I loaded up the iPad with all his favorite shows so he could watch in bed. He didn’t watch even one show, he only wanted to sleep, he was that tired.

She stood in the storm, and when the wind did not blow her way, she adjusted her sails... Elizabeth Edwards

Wife to John,dx 10/2012, BOT, HPV+, T3N2MO, RAD 70 gy,Cisplatinx2 , PEG in Dec 6, 2012, dx dvt in both legs after second chemo session, Apr 03/13 NED, July 2013 met to lungs, Phase 1 immunotherapy trial Jan 18/14 to July/14. Taxol/carboplatin July/14. Esophagus re-opened Oct 14. PEG out April 8, 2015. Phase 2 trial of Selinexor April to July 2015. At peace Jan 15, 2016.