Thanks again Christine,

I am going to update my signature because as I said in the earlier post to Gloria, I guess it there was some miscommunication as he is only able to get most of his nutrition and his medicines through the tube.

I wanted to follow your advice on the milkshakes and eating but that is why I thought the swallow test would be helpful (after surgery)

I felt like if he had the test prior to radiation, I would be able to get him to eat more but no luck with the doctor on agreeing with me on that. And if the doctor doesn't agree, he doesn't listen to me...

Even though he has been able to drink plenty and eat some blended soup, he only does it when he "wants" to. Oh, and we did have a home nurse but she doesn't come anymore as of last week, I believe.

I guess I'm going to ask this oncology dietician, who I just found out about today, about the protein supplements next week.

Edit: Oh, I just remembered, he may not get to talk to the dietitian. Every time someone talks about his nutrition then they'll say "oh nevermind you're on a peg tube, you should be fine."
It seems like I heard that about two or three times just today. And this may be where I'm being misunderstood or I may be misunderstanding something but I feel like he needs to get in more nutrition than just what he's getting through the tube but mainly I feel like they are forgetting about him using his swallowing muscles which I guess is my main concern.

Thanks again,


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