Hi Michael,

First and foremost you need to start concentrating on your finals! There's nothing you can do until you meet with the ENT doctors who may very well tell you that it's not cancer - no one knows for sure except the doctors.

Now, it's easy for me to say....right?

Does this mass you have bleed at all? When my mass first appeared it was solid but it would bleed - without having any pain.

Hopefully you can take my advice and try to stay concentrated on your studies!

Please let us know your results on Monday,


04.12.16 1st surgery; rt partial glossectomy; neck dissection; 2/38 lymph nodes positive
05.12.16 Resected T2, N2b, M0
05.24.16 Rad, Cisplatin
10.03.16 Clear PET
04.11.17 Clear PET
06.09.17 1st recur
06.21.17 2nd Surg: rt partial glossectomy; forearm free flap; rt thigh skin graft
11.09.17 2nd recur
11.30.17 Nivolumab
02.06-16.18 Brachytherapy
06.12.18 3rd recur
06.12.18 Lt axillary lymph node SCC
07.05.18 Pain pump placd
08.23.18 Pump removd
10.29.18 PET-CT responds to treatmnt