I'm going to be praying for a salivary stone! It's great that he didn't immediately say it was cancer.

The difference between an MRI and a CT scan? My understanding is that the MRI uses magnetic fields and radio frequency whereas the CT scan uses x-rays. If the radiologists suspect anything he will request a biopsy (or at least state in his report enough information to where your doctor will know to order one). If not, and if it makes you feel better, I would go ahead and request the biopsy yourself.

I know when my oncologist is looking for cancer in me, she always orders a PET scan!

Time to start asking your doctor these questions.

Hope the studies are going well!


04.12.16 1st surgery; rt partial glossectomy; neck dissection; 2/38 lymph nodes positive
05.12.16 Resected T2, N2b, M0
05.24.16 Rad, Cisplatin
10.03.16 Clear PET
04.11.17 Clear PET
06.09.17 1st recur
06.21.17 2nd Surg: rt partial glossectomy; forearm free flap; rt thigh skin graft
11.09.17 2nd recur
11.30.17 Nivolumab
02.06-16.18 Brachytherapy
06.12.18 3rd recur
06.12.18 Lt axillary lymph node SCC
07.05.18 Pain pump placd
08.23.18 Pump removd
10.29.18 PET-CT responds to treatmnt