Hi Michael,

I was hoping you would post an update. I guess I'm not sure why they can't biopsy the growth on the roof of your mouth either...interesting.

If it was me, and knowing that this spot has been bothering you, I would first find out what is all involved for your doctor to remove it and will there be any side effects. Then I would have it removed!

I don't believe I've asked this but have you gone for a second or third opinion? That was one thing I made sure I did - especially since doctors can have different opinions. Just a thought if you haven't already done so.

Keep us updated!


04.12.16 1st surgery; rt partial glossectomy; neck dissection; 2/38 lymph nodes positive
05.12.16 Resected T2, N2b, M0
05.24.16 Rad, Cisplatin
10.03.16 Clear PET
04.11.17 Clear PET
06.09.17 1st recur
06.21.17 2nd Surg: rt partial glossectomy; forearm free flap; rt thigh skin graft
11.09.17 2nd recur
11.30.17 Nivolumab
02.06-16.18 Brachytherapy
06.12.18 3rd recur
06.12.18 Lt axillary lymph node SCC
07.05.18 Pain pump placd
08.23.18 Pump removd
10.29.18 PET-CT responds to treatmnt