Yes, my oncologist would always give me the results of my CT scan on the same day. However, that's because she knew the anxiety I would go through awaiting the results so she always had them ready for me that same day.

Try and get your scan first thing in the morning - then you'll have more of a chance getting the results the same day. Keep in mind that your ENT doctor usually has seen more than his share of cancer and should be able to give you a pretty good idea of whether or not it's cancer even before he sends you down for the CT scan.

My ENT doctor took a sample of my tumor while I was sitting in his office - so it was submitted to the lab immediately for a biopsy (I don't remember if I was given those results the same day or not). However, he was able to tell me that he was 95% sure the tumor was cancerous (and he was right!).

So, I would say that within 24-30 hrs from now you should know what's going on in your mouth....please write down all the questions that you have for your doctor. Trust me, once you're in his office tomorrow it'll be very easy to forget what you want to ask him.


04.12.16 1st surgery; rt partial glossectomy; neck dissection; 2/38 lymph nodes positive
05.12.16 Resected T2, N2b, M0
05.24.16 Rad, Cisplatin
10.03.16 Clear PET
04.11.17 Clear PET
06.09.17 1st recur
06.21.17 2nd Surg: rt partial glossectomy; forearm free flap; rt thigh skin graft
11.09.17 2nd recur
11.30.17 Nivolumab
02.06-16.18 Brachytherapy
06.12.18 3rd recur
06.12.18 Lt axillary lymph node SCC
07.05.18 Pain pump placd
08.23.18 Pump removd
10.29.18 PET-CT responds to treatmnt