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BaCC = Basil Cell Carcinoma
Biopsy = tissue sample removed for microscopic examination
BOT = Base of tongue
Brachytherapy = Radiation therapy with internal radioactive “seeds”
CAT = Computed Axial Tomography (scan)
CCC = Cancer Care Center
CT = Computed (computer) Tomography (scan)
Dives = treatments in a HBO unit
DX = Diagnosis
ENT = Ear Nose and Throat Doctor and surgeon
FNA = Fine Needle Aspiration – (Needle Biopsy)
HBO(T) = Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatments
HIPAA = Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act
HN = Head and neck
HNC = Head and Neck Cancer
HPV = Human Papilloma Virus
IMRT = Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy
Met(s) = Metastasis or cancer spread
MRI = Magnetic Resonance Imaging (scan)
NCCN = National Comprehensive Cancer Network
NCI = National Cancer Institiute
PCP = Primary Care Physician
PEG = Percutaneous Endoscopic Gastronomy (G tube or tube) Feeding
PET = Positron Emission Tomography (scan)
PT = Physical Therapist
QOL = Quality Of Life
RND = Radical Neck Dissection (sometimes Resection) also Modified
RO = Radiation Oncologist
RT = Radiation Therapy also Radiotherapy (Radio)
RX = Prescription or treatment
SCC(a) = Squamous Cell Carcinoma also SqCCA and sq cell ca
TX = Treatment
Xerostomia = low saliva
XRT = X ray Radiation Therapy


Age 58 at Dx, HPV16+ SCC, Stage IV BOT+2 nodes, non smoker, casual drinker, exercise nut, Cisplatin x 3 & concurrent IMRT x 35,(70 Gy), no surgery, no Peg, Tx at Moffitt over Aug 06. Jun 07, back to riding my bike 100 miles a wk. Now doing 12 Spin classes and 60 outdoor miles per wk. Nov 13 completed Hilly Century ride for Cancer, 104 miles, 1st Place in my age group. Apr 2014 & 15, Spun for 9 straight hrs to raise $$ for YMCA's Livestrong Program. Certified Spin Instructor Jun 2014.