Just a quick question about the info at the bottom of replies. Where on the site can find the abreviations used so I can add this info to my profile. I have figuered out That Tx is treatment and Dx is diagnosis. IMRT has be stumped.
I also want to thank all who participate is this site, as it is becoming a big help to me and my wife. It is also providing info and comfort to my daughters who live in Columbus, Ohio and Poquoson, VA. They think that good old pops will sometimes try to be the tough guy and not let on what is really happening.

Thanks again,


SCC lf tonsil. Tx started 03/07/07,39 rads,8 docetaxel & 4 bevacizumab. Re-occured 02/19/08 back of throat. Tx35 rads 8 chemo. Tx started 05/05/08. PEG re-inserted April,2007.