It is just over two weeks until I go back to have the questionable area re-examined. I am at this point just reviewing in my mind what I may possibly hear from my doctor which is rather unproductive. I have a persistent cough now and it is hard not to think, hmm is that like it was before my first diagnosis? I can hardly remember but I do know it could be a totally different experience from the first, so who knows.
I am so in awe of the many participants here on these forums who maintain a positive outlook and are examples to so many of courage and persistence. It is what keeps me thinking it can turn out ok, even a second time around.
Thank you for your willingness to share and to support.

Now 60 Nona to Alora, Emery, Ilyana, Harper, Nolan, & Rory. Yogini since 2012. Namaste.

Diagnosed BOT SCC 1/18/11 Stage IV N3 M0 HPV+ Port2/18/11
Treatment start 2/22
CISplatin 2rnds, Rads:35 treatments
July 12 doctors' deemed me cancer free-port out July 18.
Non-smoker, was a light-drinker No drinking since diagnosis