Today I went to have my second Covid screening so I can see my oral surgeon on Tuesday. I found a lesion on the side of my tongue and having felt so lucky to have had 10 years without a real concern for the cancer returning...well I am beside myself. My husband is very supportive but he is also very sure it is "nothing". I am not in that camp having felt other symptoms prior to the discovery like increased tiredness, cough, aching around my ear and jaw.
My previous bout was BOT stage IV, 2 N. I had the 35 RADs and 2 Cisplatin. I was wrecked by the end of it all but actually was able to return to my classroom after 5 weeks of recovery to finish out the school year.
My questions to the group are about treatment. What am I looking at? I am worried about surgery ( I was unable to have surgery the last go round) and the healing concerns as well as the complications the corona world is going to impose on me and my family. I really do not think I can do this on my own without support if I have to be in the hospital without any family. Well, I don't want to go on but having been here before I know this group will give me educated advice that I can mull over. Thanks so much!

61 years old
Nona to Alora, Emery, Ilyana, Harper, Nolan, & Rory. Yogini since 2012. Namaste.

Diagnosed 10/5/20 Oral Cancer/ RT side of tongue SCC Stage I Partial Glossectomy 10/23/20 Right Neck Dissection 12/4/20 Clear Nodes
BOT SCC 1/18/11 Stage IV N3 M0 HPV+ Port2/18/11
Treatment start 2/22
CISplatin 2rnds, Rads:35 treatments
July 12 doctors' deemed me cancer free-port out July 18.
Non-smoker, was a light-drinker No drinking since diagnosis