I am glad you have a strategy for when swallowing is not happening. I have had assorted experiences although doing more like a self Heimlich over the sink to get to breathing again. The best response is not to panic. It is good you have a strategy. I remember being back to work and I was thinking I could manage eating with others...take a stab at it. Well, not such a great idea. I had to move quickly and get to a trash can. I was feeling comfortable and not paying attention to what I was chewing. There was so much going on in the room, no one even noticed. It was very surprising to me. For the most part, I choose to eat on my own when I am in mixed company not family. I take a very long time to eat so it is just as well. I definitely do not want to be lured into hurrying. Crazy thing, as kids our house was all about eating quickly and being done.
It is hard for our caregivers to experience these types of moments yet they are the most invested in keeping us with them and making progress in our new normal. I do count myself fortunate to have him looking out for me. I am glad you and your husband are a team and he is there for you.
I hope you have a great day! I will be back soon.

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