Tomorrow will be 9 weeks since biopsy. I got results today. No cancer shows in tissue but atypia shows, not enough cells to make a diagnosis, needed a deeper biopsy, he did another biopsy, now I wait 4-6 weeks again. The waiting time is just ridiculous. And then if I do have cancer again apart from how long the delay will already have been how much longer for any treatment???

Mouth/tongue cancer dx Feb 2018.
Surgery Apr 2018, partial glossectomy, tongue reconstruction (radial forearm flap donor site), neck dissection.
Tumour 2.5 cm, 0.8 cm deep.
Histologic grade G3 Poorly differentiated.
3 of 25 lymph nodes involved max size 0.6 cm.
pT2pN2b (stage 4a)
Chemo Radiation June / July 2018. Completed 35 rads, 2 of the 3 chemos.