I am feeling so so stressed I just feel sick in my gut. I’ve had a small red spot on the roof of my mouth for 3 wks now, cancer side. And a little lump on the top of my scalp for a month longer. I had my regular 6 month checkup 2 weeks ago. I see rads oncologist and ENT at the same time. They took a photo of both and ENT made a f/u appt with me in 4 wks to check. My partner does a weekly mouth check for me and last night there were 2 more red spots on cancer side, plus 1 more red spot on other side (all on roof of mouth). I know I have to wait for 2 more wks for the appt but omg I don’t want to have cancer again. (Had breast cancer twice, oral cancer once.) I decided to check in here because of my stress level.

Other than that I’m doing really well. I can eat almost anything, including a lot of but not all breads - with more liquids than I used to need. I never thought I’d be able to eat almost back to normal again, and I’m very happy about that. Just stressed about red spots now though.

Mouth/tongue cancer dx Feb 2018.
Surgery Apr 2018, partial glossectomy, tongue reconstruction (radial forearm flap donor site), neck dissection.
Tumour 2.5 cm, 0.8 cm deep.
Histologic grade G3 Poorly differentiated.
3 of 25 lymph nodes involved max size 0.6 cm.
pT2pN2b (stage 4a)
Chemo Radiation June / July 2018. Completed 35 rads, 2 of the 3 chemos.