Its NOT cancer until the biopsy says it is. Do your best to think positive.

As far as trying to match what you see in your mouth with online photos... do yourself a favor and avoid comparing!!! The ONLY way to determine exactly what a spot, bump, lump, etc really is would be what you have already done... get a biopsy of the area. Online pictures dont always present a true picture of all the possibilities something could be other than cancer. Even the most experienced physicians after many years of formal medical education, clinical patient experience, spend years working with OC patients, etc are NOT able to determine what something is just by looking at it.

Since you already know your appointment for the biopsy results isnt for 2 weeks, theres lots of time to do positive productive things to pass the time. Staying as busy as possible is a big help when you're waiting for test results. We all understand just how difficult waiting can be. Hopefully the results come back as noncancerous.

Best wishes with everything!!!

SCC 6/15/07 L chk & by L molar both Stag I, age44
2x cispltn-35 IMRT end 9/27/07
-65 lbs in 2 mo, no caregvr
Clear PET 1/08
4/4/08 recur L chk Stag I
surg 4/16/08 clr marg
215 HBO dives
3/09 teeth out, trismus
7/2/09 recur, Stg IV
8/24/09 trach, ND, mandiblctmy
3wks medicly inducd coma
2 mo xtended hospital stay, ICU & burn unit
PICC line IV antibx 8 mo
10/4/10, 2/14/11 reconst surg
OC 3x in 3 years
very happy to be alive smile