I had a precancerous lesion removed from my tongue (over 1 cm and deep), but no recommendation as of yet for further treatment. I find this strange.

I'm also going back to the same oral pathologist this Thursday for 2 more biopsies at my request.

On Tuesday, I see my family doctor and will ask for a referral to an ENT and a lung scan. (Would a CT scan be the right one to ask for?)

I feel very alone and that I'm the one having to monitor and make arrangements for testing etc. Shouldn't it be the doctors?

Also, since the precancerous mass was candidiasis erythematous before it turned to precancer, I wonder whether the pathologist got all of it and whether I shouldn't be given fluconol and maybe radiation...

I also wonder if I haven't got cancer in my adenoids because food sometimes goes up the posterior nasal flap at the back of my soft upper palate.

Any feedback or encouragement would be welcome.

Thank you