Hi ConnieT,

My diet has gotten worse since cancer due to difficulty eating. Before that, I was was able to eat all, and when I wanted, watched what I ate. I did get tired of eating somewhat healthy foods since I was 15, and exercised often prior to cancer. Now, I eat what I can, which is soft foods as they removed all my teeth, besides the dysphagia. Each year I was going to see about teeth a heath crisis occurred, like a heart attack.

When I feel good, I just got over a few hospitalizations, and a stay in the nursing home, I eat better. Right now, I mostly order out. The nursing home did purée my food, which I liked, and was able to eat all! I may call a food program, I had it before, of prepared foods. I think i’ll see about their puréed program if that’s better.

It does take time and effort to eat healthy foods. When you’re sick, that thought goes out the door, and eating to survive prevails, especially if they never ate healthy. Luckily, and sometimes that does me no good, I did all kinds of diets, have all the cooking gadgets too, and was an avid cook, but my energy and desire says, no. Right now, I’m just doing breakfasts like a fried or hard boiled egg.

I wish your husband can see your concern, and that of others. We are in everyone’s corner including his battle. It does take up to two years to somewhat recover. I’m 10 years out from multiple treatments, and it’s still struggle with permanent side effects.

I do have several digital books, some for free on the internet, on easy to eat foods, and recipes for people like us.

Good luck and best wishes!

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