Well, my taste changed a lot, so my food choices did too ... but that doesn't seem to be an issue for him. Also, still had trouble with pain and chewing. But yeah, I was totally ready for a bag of chips as soon as my mouth would let me ... ahh ... so satisfying because the taste was still just right.

This could be his way of trying to pretend it never happened (regain control again, an anxiety habit), or just plain not being real bright about what his body needs. No telling. But if he can handle it, that's his issue now, I guess. Unless he has digestion issues ... being tube-dependent did a number on my digestion for awhile, but that may not be true for him. Something to keep an eye on, though.

Let him try and see how it goes. (Since there's not much you can do to stop him anyway.) And lots of hugs.

Surgery 5/31/13
Tongue lesion, right side
SCC, HPV+, poorly differentiated
T1N0 based on biopsy and scan
Selective neck dissection 8/27/13, clear nodes
12/2/13 follow-up with concerns
12/3/13 biopsy, surgery, cancer returned
1/8/14 Port installed
PEG installed
Chemo and rads
2/14/14 halfway through carboplatin/taxotere and rads
March '14, Tx done, port out w/ complications, PEG out in June
2017: probable trigeminal neuralgia
Fall 2017: HBOT
Jan 18: oral surgery