Welcome to OCF. Glad to have you here and to have your input exiledbrit. The blender issue is something that we have dealt with for a long time. We bought about 8 different brands years ago and tested them all, your favorite among them. The majority of people that we service with blenders do have PEG tubes, and they have a sizable learning curve to understand proper nutrition and get the blending of real foods done to stay both heathly and keep or gain weight. Those peg tubes if they are a 20 French size which is the most common, are about 5mm internal diameter. Everything that you bolus feed into them has to be actually liquid. If you drip feed this is more problematic which a few do with pumps and the like. The Vitamix was the only brand that had the horsepower to take anything we threw at it from chunks of steak on the harder to blend into liquid end, to the simpler frozen fruits and veggies and beans and nuts. If people are drinking smoothies they have the luxury of not have to have such a fine consistency. The warrantee that Vitamix has is an industry leading 7 years no questions asked if there is a problem. And they will pay the shipping for an issue both directions. When people are actually daily dependent on getting a real balanced meal in without issues, OCF will opt for the more horsepower, bigger blade which the tips of turn faster given the same rpmand power draw, and a bowl that is big enough to make a couple days worth of smoothies at a time so that your days are not spent only blending, cleaning, eating and buying foods, and you have time for a real life as well. But everyone is entitled to an opinion and a favorite. And since we buy these and pay for them, ultimately giving them away to patients that have a financial disparity besides the need, we want them to have what in testing with several full time PEG patients as well as with the office staff, worked the best.

Please note the dates on things that you post to. This particular thread question is 6 months old and the poster has already made the trip they were concerned about to the UK. But please keep posting. A variety of perspectives is always important. B

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