We tried a lot of blenders before we developed a relationship with Vitamix. You will find lots of opinions from people but we actually bought the three top brands and put them through their paces. It wasn’t a surprise that the brand chosen most often by commercial kitchens, that has to do a fantastic job in producing very fine blends and do it day in and out without issues or breakdown was the Vitamix. It was also the most expensive. That said having a cheaper one that breaks down is a real problem when your ability to eat every day depends on it. Having your tube clog over and over because the blend isn’t smooth enough, no one has time for, particularly if your tube feeding line is not detachable, and easily cleared.

Vitamix can be acquired through numerous sources of which OCF is one.

They have more models than others, but for us as PEG tube people, most of those fancy features we don’t need to spend money on. So here’s one confusing part, because they sell through lots of stores, Costco, Williams Senoma, and others. In order to do that, the exact same machine can have different names and model numbers. That way the public cannot easily comparison shop prices. Good marketing idea perhaps, but it makes things confusing.

So we need to look at features, not names or model numbers. Also we handle a lot of their refurbished units which you can’t tell from new, and those also have long term warranties. So we check that inventory first.

The important features are a 2.0 or 2.2 horsepower motor. A four inch blade is preferable but the three is almost as effective. The four inch for the same number of rpms will have its tips spinning much faster, helping the final smoothness of your blend. The bowel should be their large one over 60 ounces of blend capacity. And if you want it to fit under your upper kitchen cabinets since it will be out all the time, NOT one if their tall bowels. They put various colors on sale occasionally, and we don’t care about that so which ever color is on sale is our go to.

With all this in mind, visit their website at Vitamix.com and start your search. “Next Generation” units are a good start. They have all the features we are looking for. So next gen refurbished is a good choice. Remembering they have lots of models, but ignore that and look at the spec sheet. If it meets the above criteria then you have found your machine. We don’t need a machine that has pre programmed features. That adds a lot to cost and we are doing only one thing.

If you would like me to do this for you I will. But we need to get a unit in your hands quickly.

Armed with that you will need plastic 60cc syringes to bolus feed your blend into your peg. In the US Medicare, gives me tons each month for free. I’m not sure of your situation in Canada. You will need a supply of 20 oz paper cups, which are the cheapest ordered through Amazon. I will get you a link. Ok now you are armed to feed yourself starting with my recipe. Don’t worry about the amount of water, someone has mentioned to you. They are probably thinking of bag drip feeding, and we are not doing that. You can thin any batch with it, and you will need two or three 60cc syringes of water to flush your tube at the end of feeding.

More after I see you post a reply. B

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