I just posted two days ago my current go to blend of items that I eat 60% of the time. I have a second blend that requires a little more prep time, but has a different composition, and between the two I’ve consistently maintained or gained weight, and been strong enough to exercise pretty hard at physical therapy appointments twice a week.

Post to me what kind of blender you have, and we can sort that out as well. If you are going to prepare real food and end up with something that goes through the PEG tube easily with a minimum of fuss this is important. Also the French size and type of tube. 20 French or larger in diameter works great, anything smaller and it’s going to be more difficult to eat blended food. Luckily these are mostly easy to change out particularly if they are balloon retained as mine is. I change my PEG tube out at home every couple months. But the Gastroentorolgy doc can do it easily, if he understands what you want and why.

I’d like to understand what you have been doing up to this point. And if you have someone that can help you with this. Like real life, it requires some regular shopping, and some Amazon purchases to do correctly. Once you get in the rhythm of it, it is very straight forward.

I blend enough one day to get me through two days of meals, and keep it ready to go in the refrigerator in disposable cups. I am busy so I don’t have time to sit around with a drip feed, and I syringe bolus feed my meals. It takes about 15 minutes per meal. Clean up is just washing out the detachable part of my Mik-Key PEG button and the syringes, and tossing the cups. Too simple. I will share more details with you when I’m sure I understand your situation.

Here is the link to the thread with my blend recipe on it.


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