You’re doing good so far, especially without a tube!

The effects of radiation usually start occurring the 2nd week or 10 days after radiation started, so in some ways you’re already ahead of the game. It also depends on the radiation dosage, where radiated, one or both sides of the head, and how long Radiation is. The effects are worse at the end, and up to several weeks after radiation ended,,which could be the worse part.

You could have Thrush too in the mouth, which is very common, which can go down the esphogus, and further causing disseminated candiasis if not treated properly, which I had, and can be deadly. This you would need an antifungal medication to treat or antifungal IV if it becomes worse.

Gabapentin, for my neuropathy in legs and hand, dosage starts at 100mg, and more. I was taking 300mg pills 3x a day, but it makes me too tired, and now take only 100mg at night, which i’m better off according to my nephrologist for my kidneys, who wasn’t the prescriber. I believe you can get it or many prescriptions in liquid form.

“Gabapentin comes in many sizes including 100, 300, 400, 600, and 800 mg. The usual dose is 1800-5400 mg a day but the dose can vary depending on how well it works for you and your tolerance of the medication. If you find a dosage level that is satisfactory, there is no reason to increase the medication”

That comes to say to not drive under the influence of a narcotic or some other medications. I don’t know the legal limit, but their busting people all over here who are under the influence of a narcotic or other drugs, especially oxycodone and Fetynal. All one has to do is get into an accident, hate to say, or pulled over, and they may drug test you or make decision if denying that. Here, then you’re going away for the night at the precinct and then to central booking and then court to post bail the next day, and get future court date where you need a lawyer for maybe a few thousand. Central booking is not fun, and will be with all types of criminals!

Good luck with everything moving forward!

10/09 T1N2bM0 Tonsil
11/09 Taxo Cisp 5-FU, 6 Months Hosp
01/11 35 IMRT 70Gy 7 Wks
06/11 30 HBO
08/11 RND PNI
08/12 RND Pec Flap IORT 12 Gy
10/12 25 IMRT 50Gy 6 Wks Taxo Erbitux
10/13 SND
10/13 TBO/Angiograph
10/13 RND Carotid Remove IORT 10Gy PNI
12/13 25 Protons 50Gy 6 Wks Carbo
11/14 All Teeth Extract 30 HBO
03/15 Sequestromy Buccal Flap ORN
09/16 Mandibulectomy Fib Flap Sternotomy
04/17 Regraft hypergranulation Donor Site
06/17 Heart Attack Stent
02/19 Finally Cancer Free Took 10 yrs