Thank you for your supportive words KristenS! Yes, multiple metal fillings are causing radiation to bounce all over my mouth, it is terrible!!

***** CHECK-IN ON RADIATION AFTER WEEK 3 ******* 15 of 30 radiation treatments done!

WOW! What a HUGE difference a week makes. This is what I am experiencing at the end of week 3 of radiation to my base of tongue and neck:

"Sunburn" on my neck
Ulcers in my mouth
Have not eaten solid foods in 4 days, only smooth blended foods.
No feeding tube yet, just pushing through the pain
Extremely sore throat - very sore - mostly notice it when I am swallowing
Very hard to swallow - so painful it takes me 20 minutes to swallow a glass of anything
Pain killers, 10MG Oxycodone do nothing to help the swallowing (pain is there with every swallow, even at height of pain killer protection). Going to ask the doctor of something else - what should I ask for?
Very, very rough cough begins the moment I raise a glass to my mouth - as if my cough is trying to repel the entry of the liquids into my mouth
Thick mucous and saliva
Fever!!! I don't know why but I've had a fever, peaking at 102.2, for 4 days. This fever makes me think that the sore throat may actually be strep throat, or that the coughing may actually be the flu.
Naturally the fever confounds everything as I am not sure what pain and other troubles may actually be related to some non-radiation disease that I coincidentally contracted (if at all)
I don't think I have radiation fatigue yet, but sleeping longer and napping more due to pain killers
Still taking 9 Gabapentin pills a day (don't know if they do anything at all)

So that is it. Three weeks down and it is starting to be a big struggle. Sadly, reading other posts this morning I feel as though I am having more difficulties than a lot of people were having at the end of week three. Week four radiation begins tomorrow...

Non-Smoker, HPV+ Squamous cell carcinoma tongue and in 1 lymph node neck, 4.8 centimeters. Surgically removed March 2019. 30 radiation treatments starting May 2019