**** END OF WEEK 4 OF RADIATION (20 out of 30 done) ****

Week 4 ended better than week 3. I think the reason my situation improved is due to the introduction of the 15MG of "long acting" morphine - which I am taking at 8am and 8pm every day. It is working great to help stabilize the pain. "The pain" is an extremely sore throat and sores on my tongue. The combination of the morphine (for a long lasting base) and oxycodone (for pain flair ups) seem to be holding off the pain.

I am only drinking my meals now. No more solid food for me until my mouth starts to heal. I find that I can take in liquids like a champ in the morning but, as the day goes on, it is harder and harder to drink without pain. So I consume the vast majority of my calories in the morning.

I have driven myself to all of my radiation appointments without an issue.

At the radiation treatments I use a q-tip to spread Lidocaine Viscous on my gums and tongue prior to putting in the mouth guard, this helps a lot with wearing the mouth guard when the mask is clamped into place.

Some radiation fatigue at the end of week 4 but not a lot. Only nauseous once the entire week, and that is when I had to double up on radiation doses on Friday (due to Monday having been a holiday).

So, bottom line, 2/3 of the way through radiation and I am feeling pretty good. No crazy, unmanageable, situations yet.

Non-Smoker, HPV+ Squamous cell carcinoma tongue and in 1 lymph node neck, 4.8 centimeters. Surgically removed March 2019. 30 radiation treatments starting May 2019