On the whole you sound like you’re managing well. My husband couldn’t even swallow a si- of coffee after three and a half weeks. Do you put anything on your neck? We were advised to use Lubriderm after every radiation session (NEVER before as it will fry the skin during radiation). The nurses also taught me to do saline soaks where you put a j-cloth soaked in regular saline on the red patches and leave it on for five, ten minutes, then you remove the j-cloth, put cream on the neck and cover the area with a non-stick dressing. I haven’t seen anyone else mention saline soaks on this forum, but I found it to be very effective. You do have to do it three or four times a day.

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Wife to John,dx 10/2012, BOT, HPV+, T3N2MO, RAD 70 gy,Cisplatinx2 , PEG in Dec 6, 2012, dx dvt in both legs after second chemo session, Apr 03/13 NED, July 2013 met to lungs, Phase 1 immunotherapy trial Jan 18/14 to July/14. Taxol/carboplatin July/14. Esophagus re-opened Oct 14. PEG out April 8, 2015. Phase 2 trial of Selinexor April to July 2015. At peace Jan 15, 2016.