The feeding tube site should heal within a few weeks. Of course theres too many variables that go with the average of it taking a few weeks for the tube site to close and heal. The first time I had my feeding tube removed I felt like it took forever to heal. Over the years and thru so many surgeries, all my doctors have always been nice enough to give me their precious time explaining things to me in great detail. From what I remember when my tube was removed it took me 4-6 weeks for the site to look like it has closed. My docs said it normally takes a few months for a feeding tube site to completely heal. Paul is correct, the doc can (and usually should) put a few stitches at the feeding tube site to keep the site closed which should help speed up the recovery time. Id guess from what Ive seen here and gone thru, for 6 months your husband must be very careful to avoid heavy lifting (anything over 20 pounds) and anything that could put a strain on his abdominal muscles which could cause the site to open back up. Even something like taking out the garbage could create a problem by straining his abdomen. I know your husband to marches to the beat of a different drum and you can only give him limited help and advice, I really hope he will decide this advice is something he will pay attention to. When the feeding tube is removed, an open hole into his stomach is left which could cause him all sorts of problems if he doesnt follow doctors orders. Even minor infections could potentially turn into major complications if he isnt careful.

I know you understand all of this and are facing an uphill battle to get your husband onboard. Maybe you could try printing out some important feeding tube info and "accidentally" leave your printouts laying in a place he will easily find them and that he's curious enough to pick up the papers and read them. If he sees you reading the papers, it might pique his interest especially if he sees you looking like you are reading something thats very interesting. While he sees you reading, you get called away (check something on the stove, go to the bathroom, make a pot of coffee, etc) and when you put the papers down, thats all it should take to get him interested enough to pick up and read your printouts smile . This printout trick may sound deceitful and I am not someone who advises anyone to be dishonest... but when dealing with stubborn, non-conforming patient you must think out of the box to get them to do what they need to do. This has worked for many other caregivers and gotten their patients to follow doctors orders all without any conflict or saying a word.

Best wishes to you both with the upcoming procedure.

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