I was listening when a child, disguised as a doctor, asked Dr Haakenslash if the stuf was thrush and he said no -- He had a name for it -- I also asked again this visit, seeking Nystatin, but we kinda got sidetracked with the need for a biopsy... However, I am sure that if it were thrush, he would have been treating it so it wouldn't mess up surgery if I need it.

I just love this waiting stuf, all the anticipation and alternate plans!! I have a branch coming up Monday where I will go to surgery or I will have my prostate fixed, depending on the biopsy results! Both of those are GOOD plans when one considers some of the alternatives...

Age 67 1/2
Ventral Tongue SCC T2N0M0G1 10/05
Anterior Tongue SCC T2N0M0G2 6/08
Base of Tongue SCC T2N0M0G2 12/08
Three partial glossectomy (10/05,11/05,6/08), PEG, 37 XRT 66.6 Gy 1/06
Neck dissection, trach, PEG & forearm free flap (6/08)
Total glossectomy, trach, PEG & thigh free flap (12/08)
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