hi folks,

i suppose that my recent treatment is due to an after effect of radiation some 20 months ago. all is well, yet...

i still have problems swallowing because my upper esophagus seems to have some shrinkage (scaring?) that keeps the opening just below my adams apple to the size of a small pea. so soft-foods well chewed are fine, but salads and steaks are a no go.

i choose to wait for my throat to heal from swelling and for muscles to rebuild.. now its time to attach the beast with the ballon stretch proceedure.

that was done 2 days ago and i immediately could feel that the hole has been enlarged... by about 50%. the pain on the first day called for medication, but day 2 no meds were needed.

now i'm eating and drinking better and my adams apple seems to move more freely. the doc says do it again in 6 weeks... and repeat until we are satisfied.

it took awhile for me, but the schedule suits me. this is a rather simple proceedure that has a very low risk of complications... however i was reading a book by Bernie Siegel this past weekend. near the end he talks of a fellow having this proceedure who burst an artery and bleed out. that started to get my mind working! Imagine reading an up beat book and finding a case like that, but i went with the flow and all is fine...

larryb cool

'01 diagnosis.. jaw hing and base of tongue. surgery not possible. JHU used radiation and chemo to seemingly rid me of the beast. peg for about 19 months. 100 cases of 24 cans of liquid food. 9 months eating therapy. 3x esophagus stretches. non-smoker. previously a social drinker.