I have a peg tube that will be removed this Friday. I am currently able to eat (had my first steak and was able to enjoy it with minimal tongue burning since before my surgery months ago). I drink ensure when I’m not up to eating a meal (or am time limited now that it takes me three times longer to eat or frankly just feeling lazy as the effort to eat can be a challenge). All that said I found some things I enjoyed and that did not burn when I ate
Potato soup and broccoli and cheddar (both bought at sams)
Ice cream (especially from Dairy Queen but also big fan of blue bell)
Mac and cheese
Egg drop soup (pf Chang’s is the bomb)
Breads (pulled out the middle after baking and dipped in olive oil w/Italian seasoning and parmesan… this was satisfyingly filling)… I also have experimented with various seasonings to change it up.
Bean and cheese burrito
Chicken tortilla soup (have someone else check for spicy factor)
1/2 sweet 1/2 unsweetened tea
Chicken noodle soup from Jason’s deli
Chicken pot pie
Mashed potatoes
Meat loaf
Chicken fried chicken with gravy of course
Please note I still have lost 25 pounds even with eating all these foods and am post 30 days of radiation by almost three weeks.

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