Brian, I have searched 3 out of 4 computers that this might have been on with no luck. The 4th computer has been reduced to only a hard drive which is failing (that is why the computer is no more). I was going to attempt a mass copy of that hard drive to salvage everything on it. I am concerned that it will fail completely and permanently during this copy so I may only get one chance. I haven't found the time to set the copy up.

There is an extensive glossary with abbreviations at the end of the "getting through it" project. Perhaps those PDF pages can be linked seperately here on the forum? I tried to copy and paste them into a post but the pages lost their formatting.

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Mark, 20 Year survivor, SCC right tonsil, 3 nodes positive, one with extra-capsular spread. I never asked what stage (would have scared me anyway) Right side tonsillectomy, radical neck dissection right side, maximum radiation to both sides, no chemo, no PEG, age 40 when diagnosed.