Just curious if anyone who has had radiation and/or a radical neck dissection has ear pain.

I was just reading somewhere on here that the radiation can affect nerves around the ear over time. I've been numb on the lower portion of my ear and parts of my neck since the surgery last summer. But also, it hurts -- sharp pain even -- if say the barber moves my ear when he's giving me a haircut or my daughter tugs at my ear.

Just wondering what this might be and if I should be alarmed that it's something more...


Tongue cancer (SCC), diagnosed Oct. 2003 (T2 N0 M0). Surgery to remove tumor. IMRT Radiation 30x in Dec 2003 - Jan. 2004. Recurrence lymph node - radical neck dissection June 2004. Second round of rad/chemo treatments ended Sept. 2004.