Hello Great List,
Thanks to the info here and some (gentle) prodding/suggestions from Brian H. especially, I have an appt. to have my "lump/bump thing" looked at by an Oral Surgeon on Monday. It took about 20 minutes on the phone with our (annoying) health insurance to find a "network provider" but we did. When I first called to make the appt. I think I was getting the brush-off, as the scheduling gal said she'd have to mail me a "packet" to complete, then the Dr. would "review it" and THEN (maybe) set my appt! Good lord! Fortunately when I asked "but what if I have a growth in my mouth", etc. she changed her tune and was very pleasant. I guess they must be swamped with TMJ patients or something! Anyway, I've got the consultation for Monday and I'm trying not to be too nervous. The "thing" will have been there at least a month, tomorrow, as that is when I noticed it - who knows how long it really was there (right tonsillar fossa.) Thanks again for the wonderful information here and for the guidance of "who" to see (ENT vs. Oral Surgeon vs Dentist) etc. I'll be sure to let you know how it goes.
Michelle (Happy Dog)