Steve, a feeding tube should not have any impact on one’s life expectancy. However, aspiration can lead to aspiration pneumonia and hospitalization. I would strongly suggest that you find a speech and language pathologist at your hospital and make sure that you see her on a regular basis so that he/she can check your condition. You really need to fight the urge to have a small sip of some flavourful liquid to take away that bland taste in your mouth. If you get a temperature, or a cough, make sure you go see your doctor ASAP. Otherwise, it shouldn’t impinge on your travels and even backpacking, just make sure that you can clean the tube and the area around it while you are doing that, you don’t want to get an infection from that. Wishing you a smooth journey ahead.

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Wife to John,dx 10/2012, BOT, HPV+, T3N2MO, RAD 70 gy,Cisplatinx2 , PEG in Dec 6, 2012, dx dvt in both legs after second chemo session, Apr 03/13 NED, July 2013 met to lungs, Phase 1 immunotherapy trial Jan 18/14 to July/14. Taxol/carboplatin July/14. Esophagus re-opened Oct 14. PEG out April 8, 2015. Phase 2 trial of Selinexor April to July 2015. At peace Jan 15, 2016.