This is in addition to an earlier thread. I am 12 years post treatment. I went to the UCLA head and Neck guys last week. They confirmed what I thought, I have significand damage from radiation to my neck, esophagus and vocal cords. I have a tough time eating and I aspirate A LOT. I know I will need to get a PEG in the future, I am bummed out about it, but am realistic.

I did have a PEG back during treatment, but honestly have forgotten much about it.. I am 70 and still pretty active. I also like to travel and backpack. Can any of you who have had to go back on a feeding tube give me an idea of what to expect??? Also, how long can one live while having a PEG, assuming they are pretty healthy to start. Very fearful for me, my crystal ball is a bit cloudy right now.

Thanks in advance for any help


cancer in 2009, successful treatment. 12 years out, doing OK