Although I’m happy to be alive 17 years after my initial diagnosis of oral cancer, I have experienced a host of long term side effects from treatment. Throughout these years I’ve been able to “get over” many insecurities and have learnt to cope with the others. What I’m finding most embarrassing —I cannot speak without spewing saliva everywhere. I experienced this problem prior to having all my teeth extracted however it’s severity has greatly increased since then. People move away from me when I am trying to engage in conversation, even my doctors. I can clean my tablet and phone screens, yet after a very short time using the phone on speaker, I can see a filthy, spot covered screen; and even my tablet. I don’t usually speak at my tablet, so I’m figuring the spray comes out even when just exhaling. Has anyone else experienced this, and if so please tell me how you handle this. Thanks.

Age 56
DX SCC T3N1M0 R BOT 10/04 135lbs
TX Hemi-Gloss 11/04
MET Neck 12/04
TX 01/05 G-Tube,PortCath,6wks chem+6wks chem& IMRT,Max dose
06/05 RND,42 nodes 1 bad,All clear 120lbs
DX femoral hernia 09/09,repair 10/09 94lbs
HBO 11-12/10
11/10 All teeth out,05/11 dentures
DX hypothyroid,04/13
DX inguinal hernia,repair,04/15 127lbs
DX cachexia (CACS),03/16 98lbs
DX EPI, TX PERT,10/18 115lbs
DX RFS,11/18
DX iron deficiency anemia,02/19 118lbs
TX infusions,04-06/19 115lbs
DX spinal stenosis,01/21 110lbs