My 37 year old husband has stage 4 SCC. He is going in for surgery today. I am trying to hold it together but our world is falling apart.
Backstory: Five months into our marriage I had the first of three strokes. I was 23, in college and healthy. Our life was altered. All the plans we had for our future went by the wayside. My husband, took jobs he hated to pay the bills. He sacrificed his dreams to take care of me. He is my whole world and I am his.
We are completely codependent on each other. I am terrified of him hurting, not being able to eat, surgery, radiation and the overall life outcome for him and he is worried what is going to happen to me. If I will be safe, eat enough, take my medication be able to take the shuttle to see him in the hospital.
It seems like no matter what we do we are completely powerless in all that we do.