I know he is pushing everyone to make his treatment happen faster as he has little patience and likes to run the show and I wonder if that's why insurance is not agreeing to pay for proton treatment? I learned years ago that no one runs the insurance companies, they rule the world is one of my sayings!

anyway, he has to drive 8 hours to do a covid test a week before treatment and they will not accept a test from a place an hour from us. That would be the only reason he would drive those 8 hours. Whats crazy is that he could get exposed the next day and the covid test was worthless.

just wondering if anyone has had proton treatment and was able to get insurance to cover it. He hasn't had a job for 6 months so we have no way to pay for $30,000 to $120,000 out of pocket for treatment.

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6/2020 proton therapy
9/21/2020 cancer free