I'm now 6 months post rads and I can't believe how much better I feel. I still get a bit of mucus in the morning, but I find that I can clear it with my breakfast smoothie.
I have more energy, which is great, but I go through periods of fatigue. I've seen that cancer patients get the fatigue periods for a few years after completing rads and chemo.
My 2nd CT scan was clear. I do have a small lump in my neck, but it's unchanged from my last scan in Jan.

I've not used my G-tube in over 6 weeks. Unfortunately due to C-19 my tube has to remain until July at the earliest. Frustrating but understandable. I'm still trying solid foods but I do eat a lot of soups and ice creams. My weight has stabilised though.

My speech is fantastic. My speech therapist said that it's exceptional considering I have no tongue and was originally told I would never speak unaided. Determination and singing badly to the radio has really helped. I can now hold a conversation on the phone, with a stranger. I just can't say my own surname though grin

My sister and I have booked an all inclusive holiday to Portugal. Hopefully we'll be able to go.

F 39 x-smoker no alcohol
05/20/19 T4aN1/N2bM0 SCC a whopper of a tumour at 8cm long & 4cm wide
Pembro pre & post surgery
Glossectomy ND RFFR 08/13/19
RT x33
2x cispltin
So far, no evidence of disease
Now an author of a recipe book for mouth cancer patients