Phew!!! Im very glad you have figured it out!!! I really did try. Im very sorry my reply wasnt an exact solution for what you were trying to do.

I apologize that I have limited technical knowledge. I partially blame my shortcomings regarding technology on my message board view being different than what other members have. Being an Admin, I have more functions, arrows, icons and drop down menus to do whatever behind the scenes tasks Im responsible for.

With upgrades and any serious functionality issues, OCF has an awesome web person who can navigate the forum with his eyes closed.

Thanks for posting your update smile

SCC 6/15/07 L chk & by L molar both Stag I, age44
2x cispltn-35 IMRT end 9/27/07
-65 lbs in 2 mo, no caregvr
Clear PET 1/08
4/4/08 recur L chk Stag I
surg 4/16/08 clr marg
215 HBO dives
3/09 teeth out, trismus
7/2/09 recur, Stg IV
8/24/09 trach, ND, mandiblctmy
3wks medicly inducd coma
2 mo xtended hospital stay, ICU & burn unit
PICC line IV antibx 8 mo
10/4/10, 2/14/11 reconst surg
OC 3x in 3 years
very happy to be alive smile