Years ago I would sometimes hang out here to see if I had information to offer someone new. The few times this happened I would then watch the conversation to see if they wanted to know more. I was able to find the thread using the Active Threads feature, but once there i saw no way to jump to the first unread message. So I'd scroll though the threads to figure this out, and after while I just gave up trying.

So here's my question. If I go to a thread is there a way I can jump the the first unread message in that thread?

Squamous cell carcinoma base of tongue. Lymph involvement unclear; staging placed at "2 or 3." Biopsy 4/18/2008. Treatment: IMRT every day for 7 weeks. Cisplaten once a week to sensitize cancer to radiation. Treatment ended 7/16/08. PET/CT shows no more cancer.