I never knew there was a World Voice Day, but there is, and today is the designated day, April 16th. I don’t know if this day was coordinated with Head and Neck Cancer Awareness Month in April, maybe it was? I was reading this started in 2002. Apparently, this year, there are 25 events in the U.S. It’s a little too late today to visit any of the participants, if their in my area, but I will keep this in mind for the future.

I did utilize several SLP’s, Speech and Language Pathologists, and a Voice Doctor (otolaryngologist) at the hospitals Voice Center, through the years, and they were helpful.


10/09 T1N2bM0 Tonsil
11/09 Taxo Cisp 5-FU, 6 Months Hosp
01/11 35 IMRT 70Gy 7 Wks
06/11 30 HBO
08/11 RND PNI
08/12 RND Pec Flap IORT 12 Gy
10/12 25 IMRT 50Gy 6 Wks Taxo Erbitux
10/13 SND
10/13 TBO/Angiograph
10/13 RND Carotid Remove IORT 10Gy PNI
12/13 25 Protons 50Gy 6 Wks Carbo
11/14 All Teeth Extract 30 HBO
03/15 Sequestromy Buccal Flap ORN
09/16 Mandibulectomy Fib Flap Sternotomy
04/17 Regraft hypergranulation Donor Site
06/17 Heart Attack Stent
02/19 Finally Cancer Free Took 10 yrs