oh my. the speech therapist was kind but blunt! She told him he has messed around with this too long and now he will be doing a swallow test with foods to see what is safe to swallow. He will be seeing this therapist once a week for accountability. She explained the therapies he was supposed to be doing all along. He tried to say no one told him it was important but you all know how much he has listened to medical staff through this process. She was very honest that he may not ever be able to eat again through his mouth and that these exercises are his full time job right now.

The doctor was not happy either as he is still dehydrated. He tried to argue he wasn't but she said it is visible in the scope and is the reason he is having so many difficulties.

Christine, he has taken anti depressants for decades.

I have asked about his sense of taste and he will say it's not 100% but he has never said anything tastes bad. Remember this is the guy who took virtually no pain medication through 3 chemos and 35 rad appts. His philsophy in life is : the rules don't apply to me. might explain why nothing has gone normal or as expected in this treatment.

His last rad appt was 2 months ago today. There are been virtually no change in him since then. The pain is the same, the sleeping or trying to sleep are the same. He rarely gets out of bed. He wants his truck/car keys back but i must protect the public as well as him. He either over reacts to change or doesn't know to react. It's just not wise for him to be driving.

thanks so much for the responses! I went in there armed with info (like to ask about the swallow test which they decided needed to be done) and knew what to ask. oh boy again. this is exhausting! They said he is way behind in recovery. You all knew that and know why, don't you?!

I might change my name due to so much personal info but the ones that matter will recognize my info!

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