Surgery in June went well and the spot was actually a bit of fungus called histoplasmosis. Since I don't have an active infection and my immune system is fine, they didn't want to do any treatment. So.. yay?! Grateful for the result but it was a weird one. They asked if I had been in any caves because apparently that's where this stuff grows which I have not been in any. But I have traveled a lot so it could be from a number of places.
I've got a follow up PET this Friday. Hope everything is still clear. It will actually be exactly 2.5yrs on Friday since I finished treatment.
Thanks for the support everyone

SCC Stage IV, L-Lateral Tongue T1N2bM0
Age at diagnosis: 26, HPV-
Dx: Jan.14.2016
Surgery-Partial Glossectomy & MRND: Feb.10.2016
Port & PEG: March.16.2016
Rads: March.23.2016-May.9.2016
Cisplatin: March.23.2016 & April.13.2016