We just returned from India, both for sightseeing and conference.
This was a real adventure, one has to see it to get it. Centuries collide. Cow patty production (fuel) next to an ad for 3D TV!

Among the things I learned:

Never ever ask an Indian "is this spicy?"
Very few people smoke but a lot chew tobacco and or betel nuts. That stuff is omnipresent. Oral Cancer is rampant.
Dentistry is performed ON the street. Tools are laying ON the street (as was the extracted tooth). .... I had to have a tooth extracted before I went to India, the contrast could not have been more stark.

This makes you think and appreciate what you have (and do not really need).

Best wished for 2012 !

Partial glossectomy (25%) anterior tongue. 4/6/07/. IMRT start @5/24/07 (3x) Erbitux start/end@ 5/24/07. IMRT wider field (30x) start 6/5/07. Weekly cisplatin (2x30mg/m2), then weekly carbo- (5x180mg/m2). End of Tx 19 July 07.