MRI results came back NO CANCER!! This was fantastic news for us! The PET came up positive in his cerebellum because he had a small stroke. We are pretty much the only people alive who have reason to celebrate a stroke. He has ventricular stenosis to his cerebellum, doctors believe that it is because of the radiation to his head and neck (oh that darn radiation)- He will see a neurologist this week and we will see what he thinks should be done- so onward through this little detour in our crazy and unbelievable lives. Thank you for the support- once again - Grateful for OCF.

Caregiver to Erik -1st DX 12/22/2005 SCC of Tongue, T3N1M0, hemi-glossectomy,60 nodes removed, carboplatnin,Erbitux, 35Rads.
Reoccurrence T1N0M0 4/14/08-partial glossectomy-16 weeks Erbitux and Taxol-
3rd reoccurrence 5/18/12- partial glossectomy