He had a contrast MRI done on Saturday and we are expecting results tomorrow.(Monday) Of course the doctor is being cryptic until the MRI results are in. He has only told us that this is very serious. I totally agree with you Christine- statistics are for other people- because so far Erik has blown the statistics-
Waiting and only having part of the story is soo hard. This is when I realize that no matter how far away from the disease, (2 years again) it has a vice-like lock on our lives.
Oh and a side note about CCC's- Erik is being seen in a very good practice that advises only with three other CCC's tumor boards and follows their recommendations. He is also followed by a doc at Fred Hutch in Seattle. So we believe we have some of the greatest care available in Spokane.

Caregiver to Erik -1st DX 12/22/2005 SCC of Tongue, T3N1M0, hemi-glossectomy,60 nodes removed, carboplatnin,Erbitux, 35Rads.
Reoccurrence T1N0M0 4/14/08-partial glossectomy-16 weeks Erbitux and Taxol-
3rd reoccurrence 5/18/12- partial glossectomy